oceans and arrows

oceans and arrows

Monday, December 9, 2013

I am inspired by some very bold colors these days. I like to see how far I can push them together on the "same page". In shapes that mimic stained glass, these colors and forms play nicely with each other.
It feels so nice to make new work that is so vivid and bold. Bring on the new year!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

making some marks

It feels a little primitive, but I have been making sort of strange marks for some possible textile designs, I love them as singles, you should see them in repeats!
all images copyrighted by heather chontos November 2013

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Chungli Huang amazing artist from Taiwan

I was recently shooting in Minneapolis in the home of the lovely writer and editor Meghan Kaplan. She had this beautiful painting hanging on her wall and I of course asked her where it was from. She had gotten it at the art exhibition at the College of art in Minneapolis. it was by artist Chungli Huang, an MFA student attending that year.
So I found him, I wrote him and we decided to trade artwork. I can't wait to see what I get to add to my beautiful collection of work that I have traded with artists from all over the world. There is a beautiful quiet eeriness to his work. It's lovely and shadow like. I am so pleased to have made the aquaintence of this wonderful artist.
Check him out!

Monday, October 14, 2013

heather chontos artwork - a gallery/shop online!

I have finally managed to get my work up on a separate shop online so that I can show it and have it available for purchase at all times. The pieces shown are current works for sale.
Please contact me with any questions through the site

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

basha's oog: heather chontos

basha's oog: heather chontos: milk farm road -   heather chontos 's art studio.   i stumbled upon an opening there a few weeks ago.  ...

Friday, October 4, 2013

let there be dead flowers

As some of you may know, I have been working on a series of paintings on canvas and paper that are my "dead flower series" . This sounds desperately sad without seeing these works.
I find great beauty in a withering plant or dead flower. There is a sense of possibility and renewal within its death. Thus, I have made these paintings with a brightness and lush and colorful sentiment, creating a feeling of potential.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

lost at sea - new work in shades of blue

inspired by the ocean, by the early morning grey mist over the sea, the dark deep turquoise of the waters, and the lightness of rain.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Join me elsewhere

Hi everyone, I have decidedly spread myself too thin! I now have many different blogs going and can not keep up with them, so I am going to stop adding to this one at all and maintain my two main blogs which are www.heatherchontos.com and my inspiration image blog for my new venture "milkfarmroad.com"which is on tumblr, www.heatherchontos.tumblr.com
I am on twitter at chontos studio where all of my updates continuously show up. Come and subscribe to heatherchontos.com or follow me on twitter for all my latest updates and images.
Happy Holidays everyone!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

New work available in limited edition prints, FINALLY!

Hi everyone, I know that I might be the worst blogger in the world, but I have been quite busy making new work and traveling for shoots this last year. I re-designed heatherchontos.com and am starting "milk farm road" which will be an interior design consultancy and online shop!
so.. now just in time for the holidays I have found a great printer and have created limited edition prints of 21 pieces. They will be 16 x 20 and the prices will range from $175 to $400.
I will be setting up an online shop on my website and this blog the first week of October. There will only be 10 prints made of each painting and they will be numbered and signed.
Here is a sneak preview at what some of the work will be. Some of it has not been seen before, hope you like it!