oceans and arrows

oceans and arrows

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

the alphabet

here are some sketches and random works on papers to begin an alphabet series.... some of these were collaborations with Herb. Let's just say that my part is the messy part and his is the cleaner part. We have different styles....  I am going to do an alphabet series on paper first and then work them into larger canvases.  I am also very into the black on black and grey on grey which will go into the" black, white and blank series " I am forever working on
a....b.... c...d..........................

Lost in the Mountains and domestic bliss

It has been quite some time since I last said or showed anything here. Happy New Year to everyone, I am pretty sure it will be a great one!
So I made the move to  Montana, in Missoula and have been working head down on this very small farm house that sits on a nice chunk of land at the base of a mountain in "the Rattlesnake Canyon". we have a creek running through the yard, that of course is frozen solid right now and buried under many, many inches even feet of snow. It is cold and wintery and beautiful and bright. I am very much in love with my most wonderful boyfriend Herb and my two daughters are happy to be exploring a different life in a world of outdoor bliss. There have been trips to hotsprings, cross country skiing,  snow tubing, tons of cooking experiments and winter marshmallow roasting on the dock at the cabin on the lake. It is nice to feel like my life is changing in a way that I can have a more even distribution of focus between family, love, work and just doing new things.
In a few weeks I will be showing pictures of the inside of the house, but here is a photo of it from the outside, "our little house".
And then there is work, new work.
works on paper mostly, new canvases are in process. I will be working in San Francisco next week and am hoping to have some great things to show you from there, but promise to be back in the saddle sharing what I am making and doing more often.