oceans and arrows

oceans and arrows

Sunday, February 28, 2010

my work space

Here are some pictures I took of my little work den, I love it, I really love my little space in Brooklyn where I can get it all done...


I said before I did  alot of artwork, but I made some other cool stuff. Here are a few of the things. I made these dipped painted old bottles and I dipped the flowers too in the leftover black paint. I dipped tons of stuff actually, I went a little buck wild! And I made this woven seat cover so the hard back of the chair is not harsh. I made it from old towels and shorts and fabrics so it is totally eco friendly! then there is my newwly painted black table and my flourescent flatware sprayed and dipped and the crazy cutting board I remade...
Amd the bottle are recycled too. I feel so green...

sunday morning

First chance I have gotten to write anything as of lately. There have been cancelled flights to LA, Snow Days off school and children just running wild everywhere in my home. Though I managed to finish painting my furniture and make some new art.
For now as I am figuring out what I like if I like anything that I have done this weekend, here are some illustrations I founf in my drawer that I have not had around for a while...

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Design Sponge shout out


Today design Sponge featured some of my styling work, and keep your eyes open there because soon there will be a feature with pics of my apartment and more paintings...
Thanks Design Sponge!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I love Bloom

I love Bloom, why do we not make magazines like this every time, the quality is amazing. I know that the print industry is suffering so enormously, but why sacrifice quality, this is an amazing publication and has been an inspiration to me for many many years. Here are few bits I love!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

empty jar

A very dear friend made the most amazing pickles I have ever had and I was only able to open the jar a week ago and they are now sadly gone, this is my tribute the best pickles I have ever had.
Thanks Herb! make more

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Check out Sabine Tress I love this work

Since I have started doing this blog thing doors information doors have opened up and I am discovering all these amazing artists. My absolute favorite of the week is Sabine. Really lovely work.

This woman is amazing!

Thanks Britt for showing me or re-introducing me to her site! It is so funny because when I was a teenager and I was home for the summer from BArcelona, I worked at Modern Age in SOHO. It was a funriture design showroom. I was only there for a few months, but I felt quite flush and well I would shop in the area even though I really could not afford anything.
I went into this woman's shop and she had all these amazing clothes made of silk, they were all works of art and I wanted one so bad, so I bought one! It was the most expensive item of clothing I had ever bought at that time, it was $195 which jsut blew my mind! I had that shopping high that day, I remember how exciting it was. And anyways, now here she is and wow her breadth of work is just awe inspiring.

my mouth is full of feathers

and my head is full of marbles and no I am not hungover.
Ok so this post is rather large with a lot of images. I took photos of a book that I pulled out last night, a book I made almost 8 years ago. It was a color forecasting and idea book for Issey Miyake that I made in London and well I just fell in love with it again. I am going to make a new book now. I have made many in between but this is my absolute favorite.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

street styling

I think someone is trying to copy me and steal my job!!! This looks like something I would build on set, but this is someone's trash. I am not sure what to make of that?? Though it has given me an idea for a story......

cement floor

I took this picture when I was shooting at Alison and Jamie's studio (Allison Attenborough and Jamie Kimm. amazing food stylist and chef's) I love it! It's a painted flaw in the cement floor.

paint it black

So I just got back from the hardware store where I bought matte almost (not quite) jet black paint to repaint some of my furniture. It has been drawn all over and needs to be re-surfaced in a wipe capable paint. So I am painting my dining table and a cabinet black, I think it will look amazing when it's done.
I am very into painting all things black at the moment or flourescent colors. It reminds me of when I was in University  and I wrote my thesis on Ad Reinhardt and his black canvases. I was thinking how beautiful and serene it would be to paint this new canvas I built (the 10 footer) BLACK and have all the lines and forms on it white or flourescent. I used to paint like that all the time and then someone told me to lighten up! You can see an older piece here feature in Vogue, I don't know why I listened to whoever told me to lighten up, we all love the color Black, well if you have any sense you do....

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Little helper

Usually I am up at night making stuff when the girls are asleep, but I have discovered if I give little Zana a few chalk pastels she is quite happy to draw all over anything I put in front of her (including furniture).  So today I was able to work a bit in the morning before work and she made some nice drawings too! It is scary how similar our work can be at times....
It was nice to work with these bright yellows and mossy-olive greens. They are beautiful colors that I wish we saw more of in interiors. Nicole Farhi did a lot with this color last season in her home collection and it was amazing. It's very old school French. Mixed with Black and hot pink it's just amazing how all the colors pop.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

wet cold and slushy

It's horrible outside, so I have come home to keep building my new huge canvas and work on some drawings in this little book I am making. I am adding some images from a sketchbook I made previously and some from the new one. I got some amazing paper over the weekend in beautiful chartreuse and hot pink. I am going to collage with these bits in the book if I can find my bloody glue-stick....

Monday, February 15, 2010

oil paper and water

I am very fortunate to have the help and support of some amazing and talented people in my life. One is Britt Brown who made this amazing card for me. She is in incredible artist who I can't wait to collaborate with on many things! Thank you for your beautiful work. And James Gallagher and Pam Morris you guys are amazing artists, friends and parents. And Zana and Kodie you guys inspire most every drop of creativity in me! Richard Ferretti, thanks for being an amazing art director and friend. There are more of course, but for now....