oceans and arrows

oceans and arrows

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

In Montana again...

There have been at least 6 days where I have had no internet connection nor have a I had phone service out here in Montana. We were in Yellowstone and Big Sky surrounded by Mountains, Horses, Blue Sky and Bears apparently. I have seen more BEars of all sorts in the last few days than I care to see again. it was a truly amazing experience and totally frightening at the same time. It is all so beautiful and detoxifying for the brain. I find myself withe clearer thoughts and visuals as we walk around just looking at all this nature. The kids are having an amazing time and we are all in love with this other world out here.
There are these rich pools from the hot springs that calcify and create layers of white and colors of aqua and pale pink or bright orange. I feel some inspiration from these forms and will be making some small works on paper based on these. For now I will not be attaching images, but soon, very soon. I am still soaking it all in, little by little at a much slower pace.

Friday, June 11, 2010

The Whale

I think it looks like a whale... this new painting and the name fits because it is 10 feet square! I did it, finally, the big mother of a painting that has now had 3 lives!
1st life... As a set for a shoot with Brian Doben on teh Knot, thank you for letting me keep the canvases, the picture are amazing!
2nd life: a very subtle serene painting that got re-worked by myself, Herb, Chris and his gorgeous boyfriend (always forget his name, his face is too cute). After my little opening a few weeks ago the painitng got out of hand and the painting that was transformed into a  drunken purge of creativity. I feel in the paint and broke my ass, went to bed and woke up with quite a mess to resolve. I am happy to have such a  story to tell though...
3rd life: so now "The Whale" it is a reworking of the canvas with oil paint in thick layers to cover up what lies beneath, but there are a few windows in "the whale" where you can see parts of what happened. I like that there is history in these layers, lets see what happens next!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

painted jars

I bought these beautiful hand painted vessels from Stand up comedywww.shopstandingup.us
by this artist Stephanie Dearmond. I love her work and these are my new favorite objects as well as my darling little Zana's. She can not keep her hands off of them she loves them so much she wants to bang them together like tambourines, needless to say they have gone to the shelf that is totally out of reach now.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

paper stacks

So now that I am close to the Pratt art store I am in heaven! Their paper section has ben exceptionally pleasing with its large scale thick white watercolor papers, but now I found on a shelf all messed about, a stack of the this pastel paper that has a gritty, sandy texture on it, with the perfect white border. I just bught every piece they had and then ordered some more.
I absolutely love it and have been having a lot of fun working on it. It is also easy to care in rolls on my bike down Myrtle avenue which is very important, canvases not so much...