oceans and arrows

oceans and arrows

Saturday, February 20, 2010

This woman is amazing!

Thanks Britt for showing me or re-introducing me to her site! It is so funny because when I was a teenager and I was home for the summer from BArcelona, I worked at Modern Age in SOHO. It was a funriture design showroom. I was only there for a few months, but I felt quite flush and well I would shop in the area even though I really could not afford anything.
I went into this woman's shop and she had all these amazing clothes made of silk, they were all works of art and I wanted one so bad, so I bought one! It was the most expensive item of clothing I had ever bought at that time, it was $195 which jsut blew my mind! I had that shopping high that day, I remember how exciting it was. And anyways, now here she is and wow her breadth of work is just awe inspiring.

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