oceans and arrows

oceans and arrows

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Busy beautiful weekend

So this week was intensely full of things to finish, deadlines and chores galore, but we had a lot of fun friday onwards... It is still continuing as we speak, as it a very special persons 2 nd birthday today, Lily Gallagher and we have major party plans for that. Happy Birthday Lily!
But otherwise where do I start. Friday night Kodie and I built a tent in the dining room. I used fabric remnants that I had been sewing all week and these 8 foot birch-wood poles. We had a dinner party saturday and some of us, (mostly the kids and I) ate inside it. It was like a pow wow with wine, beer and tacos, awesome! The lighting inside the tent was supplied by my old assistant now on his way to stealing my jobs, Christopher white of www.whiteslate.com He will be selling them soon and they are stunningly beautiful.

So that is the tent. The other thing that happened was that I got this amazing surprise  email from Kostas Anagnopolous , this write who I adore. His writing is magical to me. His first book "Daydream" is the one I have and I have quoted it here on my blog. Anyhow, it turns out we have a mutual friend and she has informed him that I had featured a small snippet of his writing here and I guess he was pleased to see it. i got a lovely  email and I am getting a copy of one of his new books "Various Sex Acts" in the mail! He is doing a reading this week in NYC and I will be going to meet him, which I am thrilled about! If you have a chance you should check it out too! He is genius.

Here is another excerpt
"Water under the bridge
Comfort tucked in there too
Releasing an ambient Glow
Like an antique hearing aid
In the form of a shell
Witness the pink sun. the woman and child walking beside it
As though they were closing the chapter in the history book
How we got here is our business
But we did and now what
I'd like to come up for air"

SO the last thing we did all weekend was a test shoot with my incredible friend and favorite photographer John Kernick. I cmae up with this idea to do a shoot where we make the object or the notion of an object out of itself in  multiples, we made a book out of books, a teapot, out of tea bags, and a can of paint out of cans of paint, we did a few varieties, they will be up on y site in myportfolio soon, but for now here is a peek!

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  1. This is killing me...you're so talented !